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Are you presently looking for a new home in the Austin area? Did you know it is in your best interest to have a professional real estate agent to help you find the best house and the best deal possible? I was at an open house last summer and a couple touring the community asked me how the mechanics of buying a new builder home worked. They assumed that you find a house that you like and talk to the on site agent at the property and buy the home directly from them. You can certainly do that, but your best bet is to have a buyers agent represent you. Here's why: The agent on site works for the builder. They have the builders best interest in mind because the builder pays their salary. They are there to get the most they can for the home meaning getting you to pay full price. They are usually very good at accomplishing this especially if you really want the home.

A buyers agent knows the on site agents and knows how to negotiate with them to get a lower price and knows about builder incentives they may be offering. I am also presently offering cash incentives to use me as your agent. If you choose me to represent you, I know the area's inventory and will help you find your dream home. I will help you negotiate the best price, I will be with you during the final walk through to make sure the house is in perfect condition and will attend the closing with you to make sure there are no mistakes in the builders favor on the contract. I will also give you a cash rebate after the funding of the loan. The amount varies and is based on the price of the home.

My services are free to the buyer. The commission is built into the price of the new construction home. If you do not have representation, the builder simply keeps the commission. It is unethical for a builder to reduce the price of the home if you buy without representation and that is how they get out of doing that.

This is the biggest purchase of your life. You would not go to trail without a lawyer would you? So, you should have professional representation when you purchase a new home and I'll even pay you to do so. Call me at 512-963-8761 today for more information.
Why buy a used home? Buy new!

Everything is new
Less expensive. No bidding wars. Fixed price
No renovation
Latest technology
Money saving energy efficiency
Easy Mortgage approval process
Closing incentives!
Quick move-ins available

Why do you need a new homes agent?

Service is free. Comm. built into the home price
Agent knows where the inventory is
Agent knows the builders
Agent knows about buyer incentives
Agent knows new homes for walk through
Professional representation at closing
Professional representation if any problems arise

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